How the symbiosis of science and industry
brings Carinthia into the future

It takes years to grow an innovative environment. But Carinthia has
successfully done just that and is now a European hotspot, especially for
the microelectronics industry. As a result, other promising industries are
also choosing to base themselves in Austria’s southernmost province.
The driving factor behind this success is the perfect teamwork between the
business and scientific communities that has developed over the years.

While first-class tech-companies such as Infineon, Intel, flex, CISC Semiconductor
and LAM Research were setting up shop in Carinthia, an excellent research network
was also being established. Be it at Joanneum Research Robotics, at
Fraunhofer Austria or in the Silicon Austria Labs – in Carinthia, research is focused
above all on areas with a promising future, and academia and business work hand in hand.

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